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What are the benefits of jade thermal acupressure/massage?

A session on our thermal acupressure massage beds layers together principles of many relaxing and restorative therapies. Each of these therapies has been shown to have profound benefits. The combination helps all these therapies to enhance one another for increased benefit.

The internal jade projector is configured to create a massage effect, an acupressure effect as well as maintenance of spinal alignment and improved nerve function as well as a moxibustion effect which is the saturation of the tissues with far infrared heat.

As the internal projector moves the length of the spine a massage effect is created. Massage has become a widely practiced and medically accepted treatment for chronic pain as well as many other conditions. The deeply relaxing nature of the massage effect is enhanced by far infrared heat.

In eastern medicine, jade has long been believed to have healing properties. The jade rollers of the internal projector are heated with a helium light and emit soothing and therapeutic far infrared heat which absorbs deeply into our bodies promoting improved circulation and healing. Infrared or radiant heat is widely used by physicians, chiropractors and other practitioners because it penetrates deeply while being completely safe. It's used in applications ranging from warming the newborns in the hospital nursery to helping to treat heavy metal poisoning. Moxibustion is the eastern medicine practice of burning a special herb on the skin called moxa. This would allow for deep penetration of heat. The jade projectors produce a moxibustion effect in a more convenient and comfortable way.

What are the principles of acupressure?

The core of eastern medicine is the belief that our essential life force Qi, travels through the body along 12 meridians which are our body's information and energy superhighway. There are 365 acupuncture / acupressure points located along these 12 meridians. Stimulation of these points helps to improve the flow of Qi through the body. A thermal acupressure/massage session can activate up to 141 of these points which help to govern the body's most vital functions. During the session, the projector will pause for between 30 and 90 seconds. With each pause some of the smooth ridges on the rollers of the internal projector will find and hold acupressure points. When the rollers move or release, the flow of Qi is increased.

What are the principles of chiropractic theory?

As the rollers of the internal projector make round trips the length of the spine, the configuration of the rollers combined with infrared heat helps the spinal musculature and support structures to relax and become more supple. This can promote spinal range of motion as well as helping to maintain spinal alignment.

What do I wear during my session?

It's best to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes and when possible made of natural fibers, especially cotton. Infrared heat can reflect off of some synthetic fabrics decreasing the effectiveness of the infrared heat.