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The Like a Day at the Beach story

"You don't get what you want, you get what you are." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

We have a conscious choice of how we respond to the events of our lives and in so doing, we shape our futures.

I've always been kind of nervous, and stressed out. I treated life like an emergency and didn't know any other way to be. A wonderful cascade of events began about 10 years ago when I first heard Dr. Christiane Northrup say "You think every thought you think, in every cell of your body". That statement planted the seeds of understanding that have led me to know that our thoughts help to shape our physical reality.

About five years ago, I took a trip to Cancun with my daughter. I had an "O" Magazine with me and there was an article about a woman whose family had a little house a few blocks from the beach and how she had cultivated being in the moment while spending time on the beach. She talked about how she internalized and anchored the experience into her body. On the last morning of our trip, as I walked on the beach, I practiced doing just that. I immersed myself in the sensations. The glorious sun as it shown through the cresting waves lighting them up like wondrous aquamarine jewels. The sounds of the waves crashing and the sea birds calling. The feeling of the wet sand on my feet and the warm water as it washed over my ankles. The fragrance of the sea air. I still remember that morning in so many details because I stored it in my body, not just in my brain.

I didn't understand what was happening until years later, but I was awakening and becoming present. I didn't know it but I was learning that my body is my subconscious mind. And in those moments, completely immersed in the moment, I was, and perhaps for the first time, fulfilled, content, relaxed and at peace. It was wonderful and as I write this I am taken back there to those cherished sensations of peace and presence.

As the morning wound down and it was time to pack and come back to Kansas, I set an intention that I would come back there as often as I could.

In 2006 I had the great good fortune to discover Jade Massage Beds. One day, while having a massage session, I found myself once again deeply present and at peace and thought to myself, "I am so warm, so relaxed, I feel so good, this is like a day at the beach". A few short months later, I opened my shop. It's not always feasible to hop on a plane and go to the beach, but you can achieve the feelings of presence and contentment anytime you choose. I am deeply touched and honored to know that though my business I am sharing with many, the opportunity to discover peace and presence through body work and relaxation.