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Like a Day at the Beach

Hands Free, Oil Free Acupressure/Massage

Like a Day at the Beach is an oasis of calm and relaxation, a vacation you can take any time and on any budget. Thermal Jade Acupressure/Massage beds are a hands free, oil free alternative to traditional massage. The beds combine principles of massage, acupressure, and deeply penetrating far infrared heat. A session leaves you feeling so relaxed, you feel like you've been on a tropical get away. Because the beds do all the work, sessions are affordable on any budget. Included in your session is use of our Foot Massagers which you can enjoy while sipping a drink and relaxing in our beach-like environment.

New Hours and Pricing

Please take a moment to make note or our store hours and prices.

Store Hours

  • Monday thru Thursday 10-8
  • Friday & Saturday 10-6
  • Sunday Available upon request!

50 minute Jade Thermal Massage Sessions
  • One $49
  • Three $99
  • Five $129

Sessions are good for six months from date of purchase. Family members in the same household may share a session package. Each session includes a 15 minute session on one of our "hands-free" foot massagers. All sessions are by appointment only.

NEW at LDB: Body Sculpting Massage 

Now at LDB you can experience a wonderful new massage modality called Body Sculpting Massage. Using a combination of ultrasound cavitation, suction therapy and LED light therapy.
Body Sculpting Massage rolls and manipulates skin and adipose tissue to:
• Releases Cellulite
• Promotes Tissue Metabolism
• Promotes a Detox Effect
• Promotes Lymph Drainage
• Strengthens and tightens skin, improving elasticity
• Dissolves excess fat
• Sculpts a shapely body.
And best of all... it feels amazing!

Ultrasonic Cavitation is a noninvasive treatment that melts and breaks up stored fat cells using a ultra sonic frequency sound waves.  This procedure targets specific areas such as butt, thighs, arms, or stomach and many clients see, feel, and can measure results almost immediately. 
  Cavitation is ideal for people that have between 1/2 inch to 3 1/2 inches of extra fat.  Once fat is melted it is metabolized through the liver.  This is done by using a ultra sound that is warm to the touch and skin. Clients wear a special suit to protect from heat. This procedure has been compared to a feeling of a hot stone massage. 
Session prices are:

• One - $85
• Five - $350 ($70 each)
• Twelve - $720 ($60 each)
During your session you will be wearing a special garment designed to protect your skin and maximize the massage.
• Body Sculpting Suit $25


• One - $80
• Five - $300 ($60 each)
• Twelve - $600 ($50 each)

Body Cavitation:

• One - $65
• Five - $270 ($54 each)
• Twelve - $540 ($45 each)
All sessions are by appointment 913-327-3938.

We are located at 7242 w 121st Street Overland Park, KS 66213

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